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Brain Fogger Wax Atomizer 

What is the Brain fogger wax atomizer ? 

Brain Fogger Vape Pen Atomizer makes vaping wax and concentrates extraordinary. The Fogger is a new exclusive advanced Wax vaporizer atomizer tank.

The Brain Fogger wax pen atomizer is unique in the world of vaping concentrates. With our new Reverse Stacked Coil design, it will melt the concentrates on the upper coil and then it will flow to the lower coil for vapirization. This new Stacked doughnut coil technology is a first with Mig Vapor.

Brain Fogger Bubbler

The Brain Fogger is able to be used with sub-ohm and Temperature controlled devices. The sleek design and robusk flavor produced is amazing. The control is in your hands with the Brain Fogger. You may use the brain fogger with your existing gear, as long as you have watt control and or TC or temperature control on your device.

The Z stick is an amazing match for this Vape Pen Atomizer. The Z Stick 40 watt only allows watt control.

You may also use the Phantom X 1600 battery as it is a non sub-ohm variable watt device.

Since the recommended watts for this device is lower , the phantom X is an excellent choice.

Brain Fogger Review 

Yeah, many of these devices have great features but they all have their advantages and disadvantages. I am hoping that the MigVapor Brain Fogger will be the answer to my question: When will they make a wax atomizer that just works great each time, with little to no hassle?

MigVapor told us they have been working to develop the ultimate wax attachment that performs as well as the Sub Herb, but for concentrates. If this thing vaporizes wax anything like the way the Black Sub Herb vaporizes herb, then we are in business!

Recommended Use of the Brain Fogger Wax Atomiser 

1. Watts range 7W-10W

2. Temperature range for TC devices is 200F Degrees ~ 300F Degrees

3. Inhale time is recommended 12~ 15s

4. Do not over load wax on the coil

5. Melt for 5-10 seconds before the first hit, it will take a few seconds to heat the device, and

for the wax to melt to the lower coil. After the first hit it is pretty quick, but the first hit will take a few seconds.

6. For self cleaning use 15-25 watts , don't do it too long as you will fry your coil.

Brain Fogger Kit Contents

  • Brain Fogger vape pen atomizer
  • Dab Tool
  • New heat sensitive air-flow-base
  • Rubber tank protector
  • User Manual
  • Gold plated 510 connectors
  • Gift Box

Brain Fogger Specifications 

  • Dimensions 18*58mm . weight 78.3 g
  • Glass bubble mouthpiece tank Globe
  • For use with sub ohm batteries and TC batteries
  • Ceramic Reverse stacked coils for Concentrates
  • Warning – when top is off Exposed Coils
  • Baking watts 7 – 10w mod (MR Battery)
  • New ceramic heating technology
  • 10 Second heat up time
  • No Plastics
  • Stainless steel – coated in Black
  • Baking style or burn depending on the power you allow

Features for Brain Fogger | Wax - Concentrate Vaporizer Tank

 MigVapor told us they have been working to develop the ultimate wax attachment that performs as well as the Sub Herb, but for concentrates.

If this thing vaporizes wax anything like the way the Sub Herb vaporizes herb, then we are in business!

Important info on the Brain Fogger!  

Brain Fogger Wax Vaporizer Atomizer / better-Convection Technology
Brain Fogger vaporizer tank is designed for dry herb flower concentrates
To be used with sub ohm devises
True Dual thermal Technology™
No Combustion
Use in controlled environment and test with low watts
do not overheat*
will be hot to the touch, allow to cool
Use with temperature control mod devices lower temps
Do not use with auto adjusting mod devices
Do not use underwater or during intersteller space travel
Do not use while base jumping with a go-pro® on your head or chest or motorcycle
May use on a bicycle if you are not moving at all, and all the tires are flat.
Do not use during job interviews or government positions in third world countries
Do not use with any stupid , dumb, idiotic,action or while driving
Just sit somewhere with a nice view and chill, for real?

Recommended use for Mig Vapor Z stick vape mod or any 40 watt non regulated sub ohm battery.

DOA Warranty

• All of our products include a guarantee!


With the Brain Foggeris our newest wax concentrates Vaporizer Pen-Atomizer, you maintain total control of your freedom.

* Note Not for use with oe 'As" any tobacco product*

You can download the official manual here.

Do not use battery in or near water or liquids, or extreme heat. Use with caution as it is a lithium battery your using with this device.
Keep away from high temperatures

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