Greengo Plastic Grinders What are Greengo Plastic Grinders? Greengo grinders are made from recycled hemp plastic and are...
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Greengo Grinders

What are the GreenGo Grinders? 

Greengo grinders are made from recycled hemp plastic and are a perfect basic grinder. There grinders have a stash compartment and the sides are surrounded by a grip pattern to make grinding easier.   

The Greengo plastic grinder is a plastic herb grinder you can feel good about using it's made of environmentally-friendly, sustainable, recycled hemp plastic with real bits of hemp that you can see! Small and light enough to bring along in your bag or jacket pocket.

This 3-part greengo grinder features a stash compartment at the bottom and sharp shark teeth to grind up your bud at the top. The outer rim has a textured grip and the full-color Greengo logo on the lid. For additional information on these eco grinders click here